Francesca Flynn Jewellery


Graduate of Glasgow School of Art 2012
First Class BA Hons

AIR Exhibition, 11th to 18th April 2013

The Artist in Residence programme is a prime example of the supportive relationships artists can build with one another, no matter what stage of their career they are at.

Recent graduates, Mari Ebbitt, Scarlett Cohen French and Francesca Flynn have used the opportunity to help them become independent, established jewellers. Daniela Corda and Rebecca-Anne Boldra have gained valuable outside experience since graduating, with residencies in Estonia and a year at Bishopsland Educational Trust, Oxfordshire respectively. Japanese exchange students, Satoko Takemura and Yusuke Yamamoto, have demonstrated new skills and shown how Scotland has had a crucial impact on their work.

All have learned and gained equally from the relationships they have developed while on the programme. Before they take their next steps, they have created an exhibition that explores their year working alongside each other at Glasgow School of Art.

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